Earrings Buying Guide

Earrings Guide in understanding different designs

Earrings are like a crown of the face depending on the kind of look you are looking to create. The right earrings have the potential to completely change your appearance. Whether you adorn simple studs or cling on to dazzling danglers, their sparkling gems and precious metals brighten the face instantly. We help you guide on the different selection we have available and how they could be suitable for your personality or a certain occasion.


Types of earrings


Studs are earrings worn close to the ear. Studs usually have a stem which is pushed through the piercing in the ear. Studs are held in place by removable backings. Some studs are threaded and have a screw type of backing to secure them, while some are secured with a push-on clip. Studs are the ideal designs for Big, expensive gemstones or solitaires. They are most appropriate for everyday wear. 


Drop Earrings

Earrings that drop just below the ear lobe are called drops. Drops earrings usually have a wire hook, and an ornamental piece from which the gemstone drops. Drops are versatile and suit all age groups. We have a selection in gold, pearl and diamond. 



Danglers are earrings which hang from the ear. They can be one centimeter in length or go down to brush the shoulder! Danglers usually have hooks or can have a small metallic stud with a push-on or a threaded screw back.  



Hoops resemble rings and are typically circular or semi-circular in shape. Hoops use a tube kind of backing which attaches one part of the circle to the other, called the saddle or latch backing. In hoops where the circle is not complete, normal backings (such as those used for studs) are used. Hoops are stylish and complement any kind of clothing. We have a selection available in gold as well as diamond in both traditional and contemporary designs.



Huggies as the name suggests Huggies 'hug' the ear. These earrings are worn close and they encircle the ear. Huggies are popular and come in many shapes and sizes.


Chand Bali

This popular style became popular after the renowned Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone wore it in the iconic movie Ram Leela. Shaped like a moon, they are usually a large piece that is available in both gold and uncut diamonds at Rajjewels.com. Usually these earrings are worn without a necklace as they take most of the attention. They are a clearly a showstopper

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